3 Rules for Attracting High Performers

At a conference of business leaders I attended recently, a CEO panelist was asked: "What do you most look for when recruiting new leaders?" The response evoked a nodding of heads from other chief executives on the panel and in the audience. "I'm guess I'm looking for gamers...business partners; people who'll care about the future of the company as much as I do and are willing to 'get dirty' and make things happen."

It's not a secret really, is it? Business growth depends on the superior performance of premier talent. And such individuals are not defined as much by their technical skills--it's a given they'll need those. Instead they are compelling candidates if they have demonstrated an ability to have a meaningful impact and facilitate transforming growth and change. That's all!

So what is such talent looking for and how can you make sure those people will find it in your company? In my experience, three rules apply.

Rule #1--Recruit to a Team of Leaders

High performance individuals want to be part of an empowered team of leaders. This means they assume you're hiring them to provoke change and improve the growth trajectory of the company. They seek what the authors of a Team of Leaders call "Stage Five" team development; where everyone on the team is expected to step up and provide leadership so that all the leadership tasks are driven by team members.

Rule #2--Project a Culture of Confidence

A culture of confidence is the product of success patterns that have taken root in an organization. Employees expect the company to "win" because it has demonstrated its ability to do so over and over again. Top performers are looking for organizations that know how to win--and where success is expected. Learn how to spotlight your company's confidence in its ability to win and the role your new recruit will have in continuing that win streak.

Rule #3--Offer a Clear and Compelling Value Proposition

Top producers are organizational catalysts. Positive things happen wherever they are in business. They know this and therefore know their worth. Therefore, they are not looking for a run of the mill compensation package--salary, bonus, benefits. They are looking for a financial partnership with owners. They want to share in the value they help create and build wealth. Consequently, you should build a broad-based compensation strategy that will attract the entrepreneurial candidate you'll want as the next catalyst in your business.

As you focus on these three rules, you'll find that a lot of other things you think are necessary to attract the best talent can be found within one of those buckets.

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