Finally, Guidance on Performance Pay!

"What is performance pay...and how do I get it to work in my company?" 

In different forms, that question has been asked by leaders of every kind of business for a very long time. It stems from the recognition that if a pay plan isn’t helping fuel company growth there’s a good chance it’s hindering it. There’s not much middle ground.  Well, finally there's an answer to the question.


The Guide to Performance Pay offers 5 rules for effectively linking compensation to results.The Guide to Performance Pay offers 5 simple rules for linking pay to perforrmance.  Here is just a sample of what you'll find in this new report:

Rule #1 – Incentives Must be Self-Financing
Incentives should be evaluated like any other investment by the company. They must be looked at in the context of the financial outcomes (return) shareholders are expecting.  When compensation is treated as an investment, incentive plans only pay benefits out of value that has been created and only after it’s been produced.  In such a framework, value-sharing plans (incentives) don’t really "cost" the company anything.  Rather, it's a matter of determining the amount or percentage of value increase the business wants to share once a value creation threshold for shareholders has been defined. When constructed that way, incentives become self-financing. They are paid out of the company’s “productivity” profit.


Objectively determining whether your organization’s compensation strategies are having a positive or negative affect is not easy. VisionLink’s Guide to Performance Pay will not only help you assess your current rewards approach, it will put you on the path to developing compensation plans that drive the performance you seek. This important report is short in length but long on valuable guidance.  Download it today to start improving your approach to performance pay.  

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