"Speaking" of Compensation

I'm departing from my normal "educational" blog today and will be waxing more "informational" this time. Please forgive the slight deviation.

Many who have visited our blog or website have inquired whether we ever speak publicly on any of the topics we blog about. We do. In fact, Tom Miller and I have spoken in a number of forums nationally on a range of compensation topics and other themes that relate to driving business growth. Here is just a partial list of the forums and events at which we've spoken:

  • CFO Magazine Convention
  • Inc. 500 Convention
  • Board of Directors Forum
  • SHERM Crossroads Convention
  • Pershing LLC INSITE™ Conference
  • M Financial National Conference
  • American Bar Association Tax Conference
  • Vistage Groups

If you belong to an assocation or other group that needs speakers on topics that relate to rewards programs or other compensation issues, we are happy to entertain such invitations. Our presentation approach is educational but dynamic. It is intended to help the audience understand that compensation is one of the largest and most important investments a company makes—and should generate a measurable return for shareholders.

In our presentations, Tom and I help paint a picture of how rewards programs can be used as strategic tools to help fuel growth in a business. Special emphasis is placed on addressing compensation and business growth issues for business leaders such as the following:

  • The proper role and scope of incentive plans
  • How to measure the return on a company’s compensation investment
  • How to develop an “ownership mentality” within the workforce
  • What alternatives to sharing equity exist for private companies
  • Determining the right amount of compensation and how it should be paid
  • Which type of long-term incentive plan is right for a company


In addition to our speaking engagements, VisionLink broadcasts a monthly webinar nationally that any are invited to attend. Our next one will be held next Tuesday, September 27 (8:30 a.m. PDT) and is entitled: Sales vs. Performance vs. Growth Incentives. Feel free to register for that event or view our catalogue of previous broadcasts.

Thank you for indulging me in this departure and soft plug. I hope knowing this will be useful to many of you.


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