Phantom Stock,The Mystery is Over! VisionLink Launches New Website

Over the past several years, interest has been building in “phantom” equity arrangements. Businesses large and small are intrigued by the idea of sharing value with key employees without giving away actual stock. That said, while many have heard about the concept, to most phantom stock remains a mystery. As a result, they’ve taken to the internet seeking answers to their many questions. What is it? How does it work? Who can participate? What are its tax implications? How do we value shares? And so on. However, in their search for answers, most are coming up short.

Well, the mystery has been solved. We are pleased to announce that VisionLink has just launched a new site that addresses all things phantom stock— This dynamic, interactive tool will remove the mystery surrounding phantom stock plans within a few mouse clicks. We invite you to go there today and check it out. On the site, you will find:

  • The Knowledge Center—which is organized as a wiki and will answer virtually every question you could think to ask about this value sharing program.
  • Tools—that will help you determine whether your company is a candidate for a phantom stock program and what other long-term value sharing arrangements you might consider before selecting a plan design.
  • Build a Plan—where you can envision the potential financial value that would be generated for phantom stock plan participants in your company and how it compares with an increase in shareholder value.
  • The Blog—that will keep you up to date on trends in long-term value sharing and how phantom stock is making a difference for companies across the country.

You will find this and much more when you visit Please go there today and find out for yourself why this site will become the source for finding information on this increasingly sought after topic.


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